September 29, 2016

Price Targets for Range Breakouts in Crude Oil

Determining when and where a range has occurred is one of the easiest price patterns to observe: choppy, sideways, and goes nowhere.  Once a range bound market has been determined, via Elliottwave analysis or simply observing sideways price action, you can use the tools and methods highlighted in this video blog post to help determine potential breakout targets!  The equal legs (100% extension) price measurement tool has many uses, and in this case, it can define a very logical and technical price target for a potential market move (once the market has committed to one direction or the other). CL […]
September 12, 2016

Equal Legs Price Measurement

Price measurement is one of the easiest ways to identify trading possibilities. We can use it to identify trend, trend reversals, potential targets, stops, entries and much more. One of my favorite tools is the Fibonacci Extension Price Measurement. This tool is very similar to the Fibonacci Retracement tool in that it utilizes the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to determine pattern in price measurement. This is however, where the similarities end. The Fibonacci Extension tool is used to measure a price projection (as shown in figure A) rather than a retracement (as shown in figure B).   Figure […]