Last week i got the 4 package seminar for 499$ and I immediately regretted my decision because I didn’t understand the accent of Eric. But i somehow managed to sail through and managed to understand everything. Since then I have made 10 trades in equity out of which 7 were winners and 3 were lossers. My portfolio is already up by 10% overall. Before taking this course i was a loss making trader. I just want to thank Eric and Hendra for my transformation from a loss making trader to a profit maker.

EWF Member | September 2020
4 Educational Seminar Recordings Bundle


Recently, I attended the Market Dynamic & Correlations webinar conducted by Eric & Daud. I had my doubts about the session at first, as I had attended so many online courses and webinars before. Magic techniques, secret weapons on how to read the market like a pro. And in addition, the webinar timing was really bad for me as the session was scheduled between 1am to 4am my time. But.. Wow! Worth it! Starting from Daud’s session, where he answered so many questions that I had on Elliott Wave Theory. I know you can get the basic information on Elliott Wave free in Youtube and many other places. But Daud’s experience and knowledge, plus examples that he showed on the chart, gave an insight on how professionals use Wave Theory in the real market. I learned so much from Daud’s session, yet we still have another session with Eric. Mind blowing! That sums up Eric’s session on Market Dynamic & Correlation. The logical thinking process, the simple, and very visual way of reading the market through understanding correlation among instruments, open up the mystery in understanding what to do and most importantly, what not to do. Eric expertly guided and gave real market examples on the concept. The Market Dynamic & Correlation webinar by Daud & Eric is a must have material if you are looking to improve, not just your knowledge on trading, but the financial market as a whole.
Thank you everyone at Elliottwave Forecast

Caliphtrading | June 2020
Elliottwave, Market Dynamic and Correlations


I just like to say the best investment; I have ever made in my trading education.
It is the ultimate logical explanation of the market behaviour I have learnt. You are absolutely the best teacher.
Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and teaching. God bless.

Roshan Amaratunge | June 2020
Elliott Wave Structures & Sequence of Waves


I am have trading for almost 6 years. I was using several strategies for swing trading on Forex, Stock Indices and commodities. In my trading carrier, I quickly realized that free launch doesn’t exist and the success can come only after hard study and hard work. I soon realized how much classical indicators are only able to explain what happened in hindsight but not very good at forecasting the future path. Learning from EWF educational seminars was extremely useful for me because the content of these seminars provide specific gears for specific market situations and allows me to improve a lot my forecast capability, to identify precise and high probability trade entry context, to define great Risk/Rewards and thanks to well identified stop loss and target areas as to maximize the profit of each trade through Waves/RSI/StockRSI analysis.

On top of this, the subscription service is great because it allows me to get confirmation of my own analysis, reduce a lot of losing trades and continuously improve my own market understanding and personal market analysis capabilities at the same time.

I believe a good trader carrier to have the main legs consisting of improve a trader’s technical skills and improve a trader’s confidence in him/herself and their plan. EWF seminar + EWF subscription are great on improving boths legs !

In conclusion, I strongly recommend EWF seminars study and the related subscription to market forecasting services.

Francesco Cardinale | 2016
EWF Seminars


I attended the sequences webinar over the weekend but only got to see up to the break as i got called out. What I did see was good though especially hammering home the point that you CAN tell the difference between a C wave and a wave 3!! so thanks for that!!I look forward to viewing the rest of the webinar at some time though and then reviewing the whole thing as it is valuable.

Martin Woodcock | 2012
Elliott Wave Structures & Sequence of Waves


Very informative and a new way to look to the market very helpful way to trade and I very interested in it and I like it alot Hope we got another one in the future thanks to EWF team. You guys rock!

Hasan Abdal | 2012
Elliott Wave Structures & Sequence of Waves


The educational seminar was very good in my opinion. The seminar was well organized and the communication was very understandable. This seminar was the perfect addition and a completion to the 18H class.Now I feel like I understand how you count swings and how and where you start your swing counts. It finally makes sense to me how the cycles are the most important thing and after that comes the sequences, swing counts and everything else. The cyces allow you to correlate the market.

With this knowledge I can more skilfully practise my skills from your charts and seminars, because now I better understand what and most important why you are thinking something in a given situation. This seminar was 1 of those aha moments and I feel like I finally understand how the different tools and methods in your system work together.

In this business and I can also see in your clients many people come and go, wishing to make millions in six months.Some of us understand that you actually have to be good at this to make this your profession and not just a hobby.

A sincere thank you for giving those of us that want to learn the education and guidence to become like you say educated and skillfull traders.

Pekka Turpela | 2012
Elliott Wave Structures & Sequence of Waves