September 12, 2016

Sideways Price Action – First Stages of a Triangle

The triangle is an often elusive price structure that most traders do not notice until its too late!  In this video, I take you through the first stages of a triangle or sideways market price action in order to better prepare you for the incoming chop.  The better you are at identifying when a market is susceptible to sideways price action, the easier it will be to adapt your trading for it.  Trend following strategies often get beaten up in such scenarios, so learning to identify choppy price action early will save you your hard earned pips in the long […]
September 12, 2016

Equal Legs Price Measurement

Price measurement is one of the easiest ways to identify trading possibilities. We can use it to identify trend, trend reversals, potential targets, stops, entries and much more. One of my favorite tools is the Fibonacci Extension Price Measurement. This tool is very similar to the Fibonacci Retracement tool in that it utilizes the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to determine pattern in price measurement. This is however, where the similarities end. The Fibonacci Extension tool is used to measure a price projection (as shown in figure A) rather than a retracement (as shown in figure B).   Figure […]
August 7, 2016

Fundamental Trade-able??

I was thinking today about how I really started taking this blog increasingly social jargon, investor’s education, competitions, contests values , and the like. And among all this remarkable, entertaining, educational, intellectual and I forgot to mention an important fact that every trader knows or should know information. The fact is that any rational analysis on the market will flow back to one of two ways: Either Fundamental or Technical view. Just read the letters and look at the volumes, trends and lines of support or resistance? Well, then you are very focused on technical analysis! Do you base your […]